As The Summer Comes To An End

As the summer comes to a close I can sit back and reflect on the summer past.  Did I accomplish the things I have set out to do?  Am I happy with the use of this summer?  Would I change anything? 


First off I have to say that this was an incredibly busy summer.  Comically now that I am retired from the Marine Corps I feel busier than ever.  From Saturday and Wednesday markets with my wife, to VA appointments and traveling with friends, there hasn't been a week that has gone by without any activity.  I was under the assumption that once a person retires from a job its all fishing and ice tea on the front porch.  For this guy it was routine and scheduling that made this summer a success. Swimming every morning from 7 to 8 got me out of bed at a good time.  Cross fit from 1030 to 1130 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday built the muscle and endurance for anything life could throw at me.  And yoga for flexibility that I said I would focus on to complete this trifecta......I never really did the yoga. 


As for the business side of things, this summer was well spent building the website you may be viewing right now.  Josh the Mono-skier is an official limited liability corporation with great employees (me) and a wonderful supervisor (myself), but I'm not so sure about that owner ( I ).  My business account is all set up and a non-profit account is also set up for me to receive donations to help advance me to the Para-Olympics.  At this time I have two official sponsors; Liberty Bottle Works, and Del Monte Canning Co.  It has been a fun experience and true pleasure to work with these companies and understand their convictions.  Last on the business side of things are my awesome business cards that Lightning Graphics helped me create.  I am very proud of them and enjoy handing them out to everyone I meet. 


On my business card it states that I have two professions.  The first is professional monoskier, obviously, and second is inspirational speaker.  This summer I spoke at TEDx Yakima.  T.E.D. "Ideas worth spreading".  I have three speaking engagements left before I leave for Aspen. 


In the end, this summer was a great success.  I am very happy with how I look and feel physically as well as how smoothly everything came together with my new business.  I feel prepared for the season to come and am focused on becoming the best racer I can be.


Thank you so much for you love and support.  See you on the slope!