Gold Gold and Gold

Just a quick update on things going on in my life.  The last race at Winter Park was a very successful event for me.  The first day during giant slalom I came out of my binding on the first of two runs.  This would make the third GS race in a row that I haven't completed due to gear malfunction.  After a frustrating first day I came ready to finish (not race) for the super combined.  Truth be told, I had some trouble coming down the hill.  There were definitely places in the course that I know I could have done better, including coming over a blind roller to low and having to make a quick cut in the snow to correct my line, inadvertently also white washing some of the race officials and coaches.

Amazingly my time told a different story; I was in first.  To complete the super combined race, immediately after the super-g run you must complete a slalom run.  I ran the slalom course and had a really good feeling about that race.  In the end I received my first gold medal in super-G then my second gold medal the same day for super combined. The last day of races I took to the hill with a refreshed valor and put down a really great time for super-g again, this time qualifying for World Cup and World Nationals!!!